Erik Kaye Adventure book authorErik Kaye is a carpenter, who has lived in vans, pickup trucks  and presently an RV  in pursuit of his  dream of flying. And searching for his dreams he landed in Colorado. On a sunny blue bird sky day, atop the green foothills below the  snow caped peaks of the rocky mountains he took a hang gliding lesson, and when his feet lifted off the horizon he found his dream.  As luck would have it , he discovered others who dreamed his dream and they formed a team.  And as this team  flew above exotic lands and met wild new cultures, while soaring like Eagles and partying like Vultures.

Wild Adventure BookFor 30 years he lived his dream and then in 2010 at a construction site in Crested Butte, Colorado  he was knocked from the scaffold by a crane and his back was broken. In his time of healing he retiring his wing and then he look back, and piloting his fingers across keyboards he wrote about his experiences.

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